How to Stay Present on Your Wedding Day

Let’s face it, you’ve spent many more hours planning your wedding day than your wedding day will actually last. You have put so much hard work into planning the perfect day, so you want to be sure that you are being as present as possible and soaking in every sweet moment. Here are a few helpful tips for making sure you are enjoying your wedding day to its fullest!

Take Your Time

Feeling rushed on your wedding day is not something any bride wants. Make sure you get up bright and early, so you have plenty of time to enjoy getting ready with your girls, and soaking in the fact that it’s finally your wedding day! 

Adding in buffer time to your wedding day timeline will also ease the stress of transitions on the day of. Having buffer time between your photos and grand entrance, for example, will allow you to enjoy your photo time as much as possible, without having to worry about rushing into your reception!

Do a First Look

Although a first look might not be every bride’s preference, there are some major benefits to take into consideration. Doing a first look allows you to get the jitters out before you walk down the aisle, and allows you to have a private moment with your groom before all the wedding activities begin.

Instead of seeing each other as you walk down the aisle, and going right into ceremony, it allows the two of you to have a private moment, standing in awe of the person who will be your forever. By seeing each other beforehand, it allows you to be more present during your ceremony as well, so you can focus on having all your loved ones surrounding you as you begin your marriage.

Eat Your Dinner

You have spent so much time considering the menu and doing tastings, that you deserve to enjoy your wedding food! Don’t feel guilty for taking the time to enjoy your first dinner with your new husband. 

Take your time to eat, talk with your mister, and soak in the view of your gorgeous reception space, filled with all the people you both love. Trust me, there will still be plenty of time during the reception to greet everyone, and break it down on the dance floor! 

Do a Private Last Dance

If you’ve been following along with me for a while, you know I LOVE a good private last dance! This is such a sweet moment for couples to close with at the end of the night. You get one last moment together, with your reception space all to yourself, to soak in all the wedding day magic that just happened. 

You can take that last song to soak in all the happiness, the final view of your reception space, and the face of your brand new spouse! It truly is one of the most magical moments on wedding day, and is the best way to close out the best day of your life!

Hire a Great Vendor Team

It also might not be a shock to hear me say that hiring a solid team of professional vendors for your wedding will help you stay present during your wedding day. But, the most important thing to have on your wedding day is a solid vendor team, who you completely trust to make sure that everything goes exactly as planned. 

It’s no secret that you won’t get the chance to be very present on your wedding day, if you are worried about keeping things organized and looking right. By being able to trust the vendors who are working your wedding, you can sit back and relax, knowing that everything will come together perfectly.

Let's Make This a Reality!

As your wedding planner, I can help you stay extremely present during your wedding day, so you can enjoy each moment of bliss. From adding buffer time and private moments into your timeline, organizing your vendor team, and making sure you enjoy your dinner, I’ll ensure that you are enjoying your wedding day to its fullest!

You have put so much time, effort, and emotion into dreaming up your wedding day, that you deserve a planner who will make sure everything looks gorgeous and flows smoothly! Your only job on wedding day will be to have a blast, and soak up all the love filling the room!

Click the contact button below, and let’s get you feeling relaxed, and ready to enjoy your wedding day!


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